Check Point Certified Security Expert (CCSE) R80 2017-11-30T23:31:16+00:00

Advanced 3-day course teaches how to build, modify, deploy and troubleshoot Check Point Security Systems on the GAiA operating system. Hands-on lab exercises teach how to debug firewall processes, optimize VPN performance
and upgrade Management Servers.

Learn how to

  • Backup your Security Gateway and Management Server
  • Build, test and troubleshoot a clustered Security Gateway
  • Upgrade and troubleshoot a Management Server
  • Configure and maintain security acceletration solutions
  • Manage, test and optimize corporate VPN tunnels


  • Security Administration 2013 or CCSA certification
  • Windows Server, UNIX and networking skills and TCP/IP experience
  • Certificate management and system adminstration

How You Will Benefit

      • Build, test and troublehoot numerous deployment scenarios
      • Apply insider tips troubleshooting Check Point Security Systems
      • Practice advanced upgrading techniques
      • Migrate to a clustering security solution
      • Create events for compliance reporting
      • Manage internal and external access to corporate resources